After a whole lot of work, here is my Prezi/Jing project.

From this class and working on the different projects, I have realized how much has changed over time. This was a major focus in my final project. I realized that with the addition of different writing spaces and the technology improvements that can be found, there have been a huge number of changes. That has lead to changes of who is considered a writer, what people can write, and how people can write. That can be either good or bad, depending on who you are talking to.

To go along with this, here are my reflections.

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Major Assignment

Here is my Jing/Prezi

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Final Project

As I reflected about the different writing spaces, and what they mean to me I discovered how big of a role social media plays in our lives. My project centers around that, and how everything we write is so accessible to people all over the world. Everyone is considered a writer to me, because whatever is posted on the Internet to read influences the world around us. The writing space has been redefined in how it looks, it is used, and what it can do for us. Technology has taken writing to a whole new level, and writers should be aware of this.

Here are my reflections to the different writing spaces,

As well as my final project.

-Taylor Brown

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The start of my Prezi

So I am having a little bit of trouble getting my prezi to turn out the way I want it to… Here is what I have so far. What I am having trouble with is being able to add more of the thought bubbles… but I am thinking that it might just be the layout I choose.

One thing that I am not looking forward to is the voice over! AHH! 🙂

Look for an update for the Final Prezi!

tata for now 🙂

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Rough Draft

So far I have my rough draft of my narrative, and the basics of my Prezi. I started to add pictures, but then I started playing around with the theme and font. I pretty much know what I’m going to put on my Prezi, and what I want to say. I just have to find the time to sit down and finish it. Prezi isn’t as hard to navigate as I expected it to be.

My Prezi

And a rough draft of my narrative…

What does it mean “to write” and to be “a writer” today?

-To write is the act of composing your thoughts and ideas into words. Being a writer is much different than it was in the past. It used to consist of a pen, paper, and if you were lucky it would eventually be printed. Now everyone is a writer, and everyone’s work is published all due to the Internet.


How are those definitions evolving from what writing and being a writer was in the past?

-Writing used to be really private, and most people didn’t see the things you wrote. Now anyone can post their writing on the Internet, and it is accessible to people all over the world. Being a writer used to mean you were a skillful writer and deserved to be published, today it’s anyone with access to the Internet.


What are the issues writers must now be aware of that they haven’t had to face in the past?

-Writers must now be aware of how easy it id to plagiarize. An infinite amount of information is available at our fingertips. Writers should always make sure to cite any article they reference, or use during their research. In addition, writers should be aware of what they post on the Internet. Everyone has access to their writing, and they should avoid offending others.


What skills do they need to have, if any, beyond knowing proper grammar and sentence structure?

-I think a lot of skill has been taken out of writing. Computers correct spelling and grammar for us. Most writing that occurs is abbreviated, especially through texting and social media.


How does the space where writing occurs impact the writing itself?

-The space where writing occurs directly impacts the writing itself. Where I write determines what I will say. If it is in a private notebook, I will express myself more openly. If it is on an online public site, I am very unlikely to express myself as deeply as I would in a private notebook. These environments also impact how formal our writing is. If I were writing a scholarly paper, I would never use abbreviations or slang. If it were through texting or social media, I would use abbreviations and slang.


What do you think writing will look like and where will it be completed in the future.

-I think all forms of writing will be digital in the future. I think everything is going to be abbreviated much more, and our society is going to continue to move at such a fast pace to keep up with technology. Writing will be completed on computers, however, those computers will become smaller and much more convenient for the future.

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Junior Achievements is a great opportunity for education majors

I am a “non-traditional student” because I realized later in life that business management was not where I wanted to be for the rest of my career. I discovered “what I wanted to be when I grow up” after my daughter was born so I went back to school. I know that this is my calling, but can’t help but think there are others out there who think they want to be a teacher, like I thought I wanted to be in management, but do not realize the specific needs involved in this line of work. If only there was a way that someone could “try it out” before they sunk too much time and money into a career that was really not for them. A few years ago I found a great volunteer program that does just that for potential teachers. It’s called Junior Achievement’s or JA for short.

Basically, you volunteer to teach for a day in a local school. You choose the date, school and grade that you want to teach. At least 10 days prior to your big teaching debut, JA provides you with a tutorial on how to present the lesson and a lesson plan kit with everything you’ll need, and more. I took the kit home, opened it up after the kids went to bed (so they didn’t grab one of the many cool props) and walked myself through the school day/lesson in my head.

Not knowing what to expect my first time out, I arrived early, was treated to a continental breakfast and introduced to other volunteers. They knew that I had never volunteered before so they matched me up with a high school student that had helped several other people teach the lesson I was given (an expert). The day flew by; the kids loved it and I had more fun than expected. Another great detail I almost forgot to mention is that the regular teacher(s) stay in the classroom with you. What I am getting at is that you don’t have to waste time trying to get control of the class because help is already in the room with you and just their presence makes things go much more smoothly.

    I told all of my college classmates about how I think it’s a great opportunity for education majors to accomplish two things… Help the community and gain classroom experience. I told them “basically, they give you a lesson plan, you go to the school and teach the lesson. The regular teacher is in the classroom and you are also provided with a high school volunteer. It’s a great experience.”

    I looked up their website and learned:

Junior Achievement’s (JA) mission is to inspire and prepare young people to succeed in a global economy. Through a dedicated volunteer network, JA provides in-school and after-school programs for students in grades K-12. JA offers work readiness programs that focus on seven key content areas: business, citizenship, economics, entrepreneurship, ethics/character, financial literacy, and career development. JA programs reach over 4 million students per year, in 124 markets in urban, rural and suburban areas in all 50 states across the US. In New Jersey, JA will reach more than 46,000 students this school year.

I also checked out their fact sheet:

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Life Without Facebook…Actually Just A Week


Life without Facebook has been interesting for me. I’ve been feeling really distant from my family. It has always been a challenge for all of us to keep in touch with one another, and Facebook has been the solution for many years now. I really enjoy seeing pictures of my cousins’ baseball games, school dances, and birthdays. It’s not possible for all of us to get together very often, so seeing these pictures is almost like being with them. I know Facebook is not the only way to communicate with people, but it’s what works for my family. We all are so busy all the time it’s almost impossible to reach each other by phone.

I’ve also been having some difficulty with Facebook because of my friends. So many of them have asked me, “did you see the picture I posted” or “can you believe so and so broke up?” We live in a world where Facebook exists and it’s how we communicate. My friends assume I know all this information about their lives, and other people we know. It’s kind of crazy to stand on the outside and see how much our world revolves around social media.

Besides all the things I miss about Facebook, it has actually been good for me to be away from it. I’ve spent more time doing my schoolwork than being on Facebook. In addition, I’ve had to communicate with my friends in different ways. We started communicating through Twitter a lot more, and even walking down the stairs to have a conversation in person. Sad, but true.

I think social media is a part of society, and we should embrace it. I’m excited to get my Facebook back, and go back to the way I’m used to communicating with my friends and family.

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